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“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

 - Sigmund Freud

We fear being vulnerable.

We seek approval of others.

We run from difficult feelings and situations.

We feel ashamed of our emotional baggage.  

Worst part is, we often try to hide these under our mask because of shame, fear, and anxiety. But hiding only makes us feel worse about ourselves with isolation, emptiness, loneliness, and a sense of self-hatred. When you are wearing a mask, only your mask gets loved as the author John Lynch describes.



My name is Grace Suh, LMHC, LPC. I'm a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York and a Licensed Professional Counselor in New Jersey providing therapy and counseling in Midtown, NYC. With a M.A & Ed.M in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University and depth of training working with clients from wide range of backgrounds, I confidently support clients to promote healing and growth in a nonjudgemental space. I partner with my clients to work collaboratively to facilitate vibrant and balanced life.  I provide individual counseling, group counseling and offer Korean speaking counseling if requested to meet the needs of the community in NYC. To learn more about my services and therapeutic approaches, please navigate through gracesuhtherapy webpage.